Expect fun, laughs, hugs, kisses, and snuggles.  

how to book

Step 1

Please contact Mia or check availability on schedule page 

Step 2

Book your date.  Time and place will be discussed.  Please pay $25 deposit to secure the spot which is applied to the pricing of the collection.  For indoor, at home or studio photography please message for availability.

Step 3

Fill out the questionnaire delivered with the confirmation email, which tells me more about your family, and anything special to include at your photo shoot.  (print release included with email)

Once your date is on my calendar, deposit paid, and the questionnaire is filled out, you will be contacted a few days before the photo shoot to finalize the location and time.


photo shoot questions & answers


when will the photo shoot take place?

For outdoor photography.  I love to document families when the lighting is best, usually an hour before sunset on a sunny day.  A cloudy day is also fine as it creates a nice filter.   In summer this means evenings work best, but in the spring and fall, both early mornings and evenings may be possible.  I have even booked sessions in the winter (with snow!!) so if that is something you are interested in, I am open.

If In your home the home must have great light coming through windows for this to be an option.

For studio photography, mid-morning to early evening hours during daylight is best.


where will the photo shoot take place?

Most outdoor photography will take place within the south county or metro St. Louis area unless at the studio located in Soulard.  I love to shoot in a variety of settings and have favorite spots picked out, and finding new locations regularly.  If you have a certain preference as to location setting, I will do my best to accommodate.  The studio is equipped with a couch, bed, exposed brick walls and beautiful windows for  lifestyle photography as well.

*There is a travel fee for any session that takes place more than 15 miles from my location in 63128.  Please inquire to find out more information.  Mini Collections are usually at a recommended list of locations.

lifestyle photography at home

For lifestyle photography, pictures in the home with daylight coming in and rooms with windows where blinds can be adjusted will work such as being snuggled up on the couch in a living room, bed or in the nursery.  Usually the light coming in through windows during the day is natural and sufficient.  These shots are mostly family interacting with some portraits (looking at the camera shots).

what to wear

Finding the perfect outfit for your family session may take a little bit of work, but you probably have great pieces already in your closet that could work together!  Use these tips below to help formulate a plan.  If you need help deciding what to wear, I can help.  Pinterest has great ideas too.


Tips for families

1.  Coordinate your outfits by finding a color palette you love and finding pieces that compliment one another.  Try to avoid matchy-matchy and black as the main color.  Soft, muted colors and neutral colors look great, please avoid bright/neon hues.

2.  Layer and add accessories with a hat, headbands, necklace, jacket, or vests. 

3.  Wear clothes that are fashionable, yet still functional for the location. Keep in mind we will be moving around.

4.  When it comes to patterns, a good rule of thumb is to have one or two patterned outfit for every three people included in the session. Floral prints, polka dots, plaids work great!  Also, avoid large logos.

5.  Shoes,  Remember comfort as we move around, but please stay away from character themed shoes, athletic shoes, and bulky soles. 

6.  If you are looking to purchase new clothes, I recommend Old Navy, as they are very affordable, coordinate well from baby sizes to adults sizes and have timeless pieces that photograph well.

For Maternity, dresses look beautiful!  28-36 weeks is great for belly action.  Fitted around the belly and flowy give a nice look for outdoor photoshoots.  Wear what is you and what makes you feel comfortable.



Unless it is a maternity, newborn or senior photo shoot, I like to keep props to a minimum.  Depending on the location, I will always have a blanket/quilt with me for us to use, as well an old box/crate.

If you have questions about including certain items/props in your photo session, please contact me


other notes...

A few other tips to help the session run smoothly...

  • Deep breaths.  You may be anticipating how the kids may act whether they have no interest or pull out their stranger-danger faces.  

  • I will get a few "everyone smile and look at the camera" shots, and sweet family moments, which is usually achieved when having fun, playing and loving on your kids.

  • Bring snacks with may help should your child need extra incentives, but only use when needed, a little lovey may also soothe the little ones.


If you would like assistance with makeup, I have partnered with a couple makeup artists whom I can refer.
Makeup applied by a professional can make your images "pop!"  

that's a wrap!

Upon your photo shoot, I will send a proof gallery within 10 days.  After making selections from the proof gallery, I will send the final downloadable gallery within 21 days.  The whole process takes about three to four weeks.  You will have the option to order prints and products through the online gallery which is the only way I can guarantee 100% color accuracy.

I always love to post highlights on social media (Facebook and Instagram) within a week:)


Thank you for letting me capture a "snapshot" in your lives, it is an honor.