Congratulations on the newest addition to your family!   Newborn sessions are special and unique as it combines art and skill.  Below is an explanation of how to best prepare and what to expect.  Documenting within the first 21 days of life is recommended for newborn photography.   Portrait Photography includes posing in baskets, on the bean bag and shots with family.  For  lifestyle photography, the studio is equipped with a couch, bed, exposed brick walls and beautiful windows as well if interested in those shots outside of your home.  As a member of the Accredited Professional Newborn Photography International I stay up to date on best practices.  I am also a certified teacher by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Your baby is in great care as I genuinely enjoy photographing and loving on newborns.

 how to book

Step 1

Inquire about availability.  Please contact Mia or check availability on schedule page

Step 2

Book your date.  Please pay $25 deposit to hold your session date, an invoice will be sent.  The deposit applies to the entire collection.  

Step 3

Fill out the  questionnaire which is delivered with the confirmation email, this tells me more about your family, and anything special to include at your photo shoot.  (print release included with email)

Once your date is on my calendar, deposit paid, and the questionnaire is filled out, I will contact a few days before the photo shoot to consult on fabrics, colors and props.



Unless it is a lifestyle session in your home, in studio at The Weisert Building 1120 South 6th St. St. Louis, Mo. 63104

Suite 205, Please dial in and I will buzz you in  

* Feel free to bring a stroller as it is a little walk from the elevator to the studio.  

what to expect:

This is merely a guide.  Unless it is a lifestyle or mini session, full newborn sessions can take 2-3 hours in the studio to accommodate feeding times, set changes, and clean ups.  I try to maintain a good temperature in the studio to keep your baby comfortable.


what to wear:

I photograph all newborns nude or in one of my many wraps, props and accessories.  If you have anything special please let me know.  Mini sessions are usually not photographed on the bean bag and are usually wrapped.  If your collection includes being in a portrait with your newborn you will want to bring or wear an earth toned neutral or white top for you and your spouse.  Even if dad does not want his face in the images, I highly recommend him bring a white, cream or muted color shirt for images of the baby in daddy’s hands.  If parents would like to show more skin and have an intimate photo shoot, I support that too.  If baby has long nails, please trim them.


what to bring:

Pack a change of clothing in case your baby has a mess on you.   Bring plenty of extra diapers and wipes.  If your baby has taken a bottle I recommend bringing pumped milk or formula for the baby to be fed during the session.  This allows the baby to eat faster, and more at one sitting so they will sleep sounder, and allow for more setups, in a quicker time frame. This is only a suggestion if they are already taking a bottle, Mommas are more than welcome to nurse<3


  • Try to keep baby awake before the session.  Even the best sleepers tend to get fussy due to the constant touching and movement required for posing, keeping them awake beforehand helps achieve a deeper level of sleep.  The session is very different from a typical day in the life of a baby.  If the baby is awake at least 2 hours before the session (if not longer), that will allow for sleep and prime posing for session.


  • If the commute is long I recommend waiting until arrival to feed.  With the 2-3 hours together, there will be plenty of time for eating and soothing.  The goal is to have your baby as comfortably full as possible because it is crucial to having them relaxed during the sessions so they go well.  Some babies will require another round of nourishment in about 2-2.5 hours so we will feed your little one again to keep them calm for the rest of the visit.  Your baby may need an extra meal during the session because we are asking a lot of them, moving them around and disturbing their slumber.  Make sure if you are bottle feeding that you bring extra formula just in case. HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO BRING A PACIFIER even if he or she does not take one.  It can help soothe even for just a few seconds to get them relaxed into the pose.


  • Dress your baby in something easy to remove.  I will immediately begin posing once they are fed and comfortable.  I assume a lot of the care for your baby until they need a feeding.  Parents may relax on the couch and or bring something to pass the time; magazine, book, iPad…or feel free to catch a quick nap. ;)  I may ask for some assistance with a few poses.  


  • Things to note:  Due to space, besides parents please only have those being photographed present.  If aunt, friend, grandma etc is accompanying in place of a parent to help, great.   If parents and/or siblings would like to participate in the newborn session please let me know so I may plan accordingly. (with the current pandemic, only cohabitating family members in studio please)


  •  Some lotion in the early morning of the session may be okay but vaseline and aquaphor can make the baby shiny.


  • Please no personal pictures taken during session unless agreed upon with photographer.

  • Finally, please note any medical conditions or birthing complications before the session.  



  • pacifier

  • change of clothes for parents too

  • diapers

  • formula, milk

  • snacks

  • something to pass time, book, ipad etc


There are plenty of restaurants on Broadway if one of the parents would like to grab something to eat or have delivered.  Light snacks, water, coffee and tea are provided.  The kitchen is available to warm milk etc.


If you would like assistance with makeup, I have partnered with a couple makeup artists whom I can refer.
Makeup applied by a professional can make your images "pop!"  

that's a wrap!

Upon your photo shoot, I will send a proof gallery within 10 days.  After making selections from the proof gallery, I will send the final downloadable gallery within 21 days.  The whole process takes about three to four weeks.  You will have the option to order prints and products through the online gallery which is the only way I can guarantee 100% color accuracy.

I always love to post highlights on social media (Facebook and Instagram) within a week:)


Thank you for letting me capture a "snapshot" in your lives, it is an honor.