how to book

Step 1

Inquire about availability.  Please contact Mia or check availability on schedule page

Step 2

Book your date.  Please pay $25 deposit to hold your session date, an invoice will be sent.  The deposit applies to the entire collection.  

Step 3

Fill out the  questionnaire which is delivered with the confirmation email, this tells me more about you and anything special to include at your photo shoot.  (print release included with email)

Once your date is on my calendar, deposit paid, and the questionnaire is filled out, I will contact a few days before the photo shoot to confirm.

Where:   In studio at The Weisert Building 1120 South 6th St. St. Louis, Mo. 63104

Suite 205, Please dial in and you will be buzzed in

Preparation Checklist

Your Boudoir photo shoot is very likely a once in a lifetime experience or in the least a rare treat, here is a guide to prepare for your session.  Most importantly you should feel beautiful, comfortable and empowered in your skin.

How do I prepare?


Drink plenty of water the night before your shoot. It will keep your body hydrated overnight and will benefit your body the next day.

Rest well

Manicure and Pedicure


When it comes to makeup, everyone is different. Some people like to go all out while others feel comfortable with powder, mascara and lipgloss.  Do what makes you feel confident and beautiful.   If you would like assistance with makeup, I have partnered with a couple makeup artists whom I can refer.
Makeup applied by a professional can make your images "pop!"  

Wear loose clothing to your session

Tight clothes will leave deep impression marks on your skin (this includes tight socks) that can take a while to go away.

Pack your outfits, lingerie, and shoes the night before

The last thing you need is to feel rushed and stressed the day of your shoot. A relaxed mind will make the whole experience that much more exhilarating and enjoyable.


Moisturizing will give you a beautiful natural glow.  However, make sure to avoid fake tanners at least one week before the shoot.  Easy on the oil, vaseline or aquaphor as it may make the skin too shiny.

Try on your outfits before hand

Make sure everything fits properly, feel comfortable in what you bring.

Iron and use hangers to bring outfits that can wrinkle


What should I bring?

For Maternity Boudoir, bras and matching panties are advised, there are some materials for wrapping and a couple dresses available, see below for other suggestions that may suit you.  Flowy dresses, lacy, sheer or silk robes or your partner’s longsleeve shirt will work well.  

Bras and matching panties

Black and white are classic and are favorite to photograph, but don't be afraid to bring colorful ones as well. Some more options would be:

1. Bodysuits

2. Garder Belts

3. Stay Ups

4. Corsets / Bustier

5. Baby Dolls

Have a significant other? Grab something of theirs!

This is a fantastic way to personalize your shoot!  Sneak out with one of their favorite things, and they're going to be pleasantly surprised when they see you sexing it up in your photos. Some examples:

1. Favorite tie

2. Dress shirt (Plain Coloured, ie. White, Black, etc)

3. Sports jersey

4. Baseball cap, or any other wearable.

If wearing heels…

(Maternity boudoir, bare feet is great)

Wearing heels lengthens you, straightens the look of your legs, and overall makes you look and feel sexier. Things to consider:

1. Bring more than one pair

2. Be sure the shoes you bring match with your outfits

3. The soles of your shoes needs to be clean (no tags, stickers, labels or dirt)

Lingerie isn't the only thing you could bring

Lingerie is sexy, but sometimes a soft sweater, an oversized shirt or a fitted tee looks nice.

For partners who may be in shots, jeans are classic and a pair of pajama pants for bedroom poses will do.

that's a wrap!

Upon your photo shoot, I will send a proof gallery within 10 days.  After making selections from the proof gallery, I will send the final downloadable gallery within 21 days.  The whole process takes about three to four weeks.  You will have the option to order prints and products through the online gallery which is the only way I can guarantee 100% color accuracy.

Thank you for letting me capture this special time in your lives, it is an honor.